Fashion Show Game Online

What contest will you compete in?

OurWorld is the best fashion show game online and beats all competition hands down. Why you may ask? Well I haven't played any other game that offers the level of competition and incentives for competing in and winning fashion contests with your avatar. Their fashion contests have been going for a while now but are still as popular as ever with themes ranging from 'hip hop rapper fashion' to 'angels and devils fashion'. The themes are very original and challenge you as a fashionista to overcome stiff competition with thousands of other players wanting the number one spot for trendiest gal!

fashion show contests

OurWorld have also introduced fashion photo competitions where you and the friends you make in OurWorld, can take group snap shots and win prizes for finishing top in loads of different themed fashion competitions. With thousands of items of clothing to choose from and the collection regularly added to with cool new items coming out every month, OurWorld is the number one fashion show game online. See for yourself, by creating a character and making him or her look like a star, simply register for free above!